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The Resort on Roan Mountain

The Resort on Roan Mountain

SKU: 9781678029340

This is Book 2 of the Dr. John Stourton Chronicles. The story picks up after the 4 senators and 1 woman were found at the steps of the Capital in DC. The news media had a field day over the discovery of the senators. Now, in this book, a new unknown appears and is called the Org. This group means to push Dr. Stourton as they see fit. John Stourton is also confronted by a group of senior senators who want Stourton to run for the presidency. The need to control these issues are a must but John’s past comes to him in a most unusual circumstance. Many see this as a means to push John out of LSSL and who would take over as CEO? Before any of this can be settled a disaster strikes and will this be the final straw for Stourton?

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