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Why do I write the books

I have always wanted to write adventure novels. As long as I can remember, I have tried to write but my mind would not sync with my hands. In my years with Campbell University and Colorado Technical University I had to do an extensive amount of writing because of the courses I was required to complete. Especially in my master’s program did I truly understand that I needed to write appropriately and correctly.

This was the period of time that I was invited to join an organization called ANTSHE (Association of Nontraditional Students in Higher Education). At that time, Dr. Lee Viar, VI was my professor who felt that I had a story to tell and convinced me to write on my journey as a nontraditional student. That paper, which is called Journey of Success, Despair and Rebirth. Granted, the paper was a bit rough, but I wrote the paper and to my absolute amazement, the article was published in the ANTSHE magazine. This became my first peer-reviewed article.

I have written other papers since that paper was released in 2013. In 2017, I discovered that I was a Higher-Functioning Autistic person. At first, I was floored. That meant I was someone who had a mental disorder which I had tried for years to fight against. The fascinating thing though was that my life became clear. My past aligned with my life, and I finally understood my life and why I had so many challenges that created road blocks for me.

Why do I share this with you, you may ask? Simple, to know the author is to understand my books and the creativity of the writing. I write from my imagination which is huge. I started with the 19-year-old letter and allowed that letter to open the story line. I used the backdrop of Spruce Pine to start the new life of Dr. John Stourton. The reason here was that I have explored this area extensively and found this place full of stories and folklore which I could expand with in my story. A great story comes from fact sprinkled in with fiction and you have a story that captures your attention.

I hope you find the books entertaining and fun. Please send me your suggestions and thoughts about future books.

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