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Forever Forward

Forever Forward

SKU: 9781387842789

My first book which was a biography on myself. I am a survivor, whether through others action or my own, I manage to push through.

This book finally came to completion in May 2018. The book does not follow a normal biography rather I told stories of moments in my life. Each chapter I address a different moment that was profound to me at that moment. Many of the chapters are rather disturbing to read however you will find that no matter what happened to me I survived the ordeal

My thoughts behind the book were for those who may have experienced similar events in their lives. One can only know truly what they went through. This book is a message to anyone that if I can make it, anyone can. And to have the grace of God beside you will make the difference in the world.

Even if you are not a believer, I feel that you can find empathy and understanding that you are not the only one to survive what others dish out.

My prayer is that you will see that at the end, I am happy at my life, and I have taught me and to like me for who I am. No one can define yourself but you alone. NEVER forget that.

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